Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost of the school?


The State of Tennessee requires all certified providers to charge not less than $50.00 for driving school. Ours cost $50.00 (Online costs 39.95). 


Where is the school?


Currently the classes are only offered online.

Usually, the school is held at two different locations: Dickson and Waverly. Click this link for Directions : Find Us


What if my court appearance is scheduled before you have a school?


If your court date is before the next scheduled school you can call the Court where you are scheduled to appear and request that your date be extended. It is up to the court as to whether you can extend your date. Classes do fill up so don't wait. Act now and register for a class.


I missed my scheduled class. Can I get rescheduled? Can I get a refund? 


In the online class you have sixty days to complete and download your certificate. I

If you missed your scheduled classroom time due to circumstances beyond your control we are happy to reschedule you one time at no additional cost. It is still your responsibility to make sure you take care of your obligation to appear in court or get a new court date.

See our refund policy here: Refund Policy

What about inclement weather?


TechForce instructors and staff are empowered to make decisions regarding the safety of participants in class and in the event of icy road conditions, snow, tornadic activity, or other dangerous conditions TechForce may cancel a class without notice. Every effort to notify participants who have prepaid and left valid contact information will be made. TechForce will make reasonable efforts to reschedule the class so as to accommodate as many students as possible and will make allowances to let students attend other regularly scheduled classes at no additional cost. If TechForce cannot accommodate a student under these conditions then a refund may be issued.


What about bringing other people to class with me?

If you need special accommodation like assistance in reading please let our staff know about this circumstance. Otherwise, only the paid participants are allowed in class. It is not appropriate to bring children who need baby-sitting or other care to class. Participants must make other arrangements. However, it has long been a standing policy that minor children of driving age that do not have a traffic ticket can attend our class free of charge. Parents should simply register those students with our clerk prior to class and that instruction is provided as a community service- but no certificate of completion will be given to non-paid participants.